Crop protection providers hampered by supply chain issues


Crop protection providers hampered by supply chain issues

Manufacturers of crop protection products are hampered by a myriad of supply chain problems.

Robby Upton with BASF describes it as a domino effect with no easy solution.

“We’re dealing with a global supply chain issue (that) started years ago, frankly. It started with trade wars, then we went into a global pandemic that we’re still navigating. We had natural disasters (like) hurricanes in the Gulf, freezes in Texas, Suez Canal. And now we’re dealing with an energy crisis in China.”

He tells Brownfield farmers need to plan accordingly for the upcoming growing season, but discourages hording products.

“I think we all lived through the toilet paper and paper towel crisis in the past year with the pandemic, we don’t want that same thing to happen in crop protection.”

He says BASF has increased capacity and expanded its supplier network so farmers can have access to the herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and seed treatments of their choice.

Brownfield interviewed Upton during the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention in Kansas City this past November.