Midterm elections could have “tremendous impact” on future farm policy


Midterm elections could have “tremendous impact” on future farm policy

The head of legislative affairs for Compeer Financial suggests the outcome of this year’s midterm elections will dictate future farm policy.

Perry Aasness tells Brownfield the heavy work of writing and passing the 2023 Farm Bill will be left up to the next Congress.

“And so of course, the election results will have a tremendous impact in terms of how that bill is written, what’s included (and) what’s not. And frankly, can we get another farm bill passed through Congress.”

He says regardless of which party has control in the House and Senate following the November elections, there doesn’t seem to be a great cry to substantially change the safety net for farmers.

“It could very much fairly close to status quo, or just continuing the current commodity title going forward. I imagine there will be some tweaks (and) I think there will be more and more focus over time on some of the rural development pieces.”

He also expects more focus on climate as farm bill discussions ramp up this year.

Aasness made these comments during a recent podcast hosted by Compeer Financial and Brownfield.