14 Missouri commodities in the top ten


14 Missouri commodities in the top ten

More than two dozen Missouri commodities are in the top 10 nationwide.

Missouri Ag Director Chris Chinn tells Brownfield Ag News, “We’re second in the nation for the number of farms with over 95,000 farms in the state. We’re second in hay production with 6.4 Million tons of hay produced. We are third in the nation for beef cows. We’re fourth in the nation for rice production.”

Chinn says Missouri ranks fifth among states for goats, “(We are) sixth for turkeys, sixth for soybeans hogs, cattle and calves. We are also ninth for broiler production, ninth for corn production and tenth for horses and ponies.”

Chinn says Missouri farmers and ranchers are big contributors to the state’s overall economy – reaching $90-Million dollars in economic benefits in 2021.