Farmer reflects on record year in ‘21


Farmer reflects on record year in ‘21

A Western Corn Belt farmer says 2021 was a banner year for his crops.

Quentin Connealy farms along the Missouri River in Nebraska and says he harvested record yields. “It’s hard to grow good beans around here,” he says. “Rains are never quite timely around and you run into too much rain during the growing season and later on.  I’m really amazed by the bean bushels and corn wasn’t far behind it either.”

The corn and soybean grower tells Brownfield Mother Nature cooperated during the growing season. “Once November hit, it was good combining and then we got a lot of tillage done after that and we couldn’t have asked for a better fall to get fieldwork in.”

And, he says, “I think we had a little decent fertilizer price locked so we paid a little high end towards the end there but we got everything worked in and the ground worked good,” Connealy says. “It should be a good spring.”

Connealy farms in Washington County near Tekamah.