China considering GMO corn & cotton


China considering GMO corn & cotton

China is considering the approval of three genetically modified corn varieties and seven cotton varieties developed by domestic seed companies.  So far, China has not allowed the planting of genetically modified soybeans or corn but has allowed their import for use in animal feed.

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is reportedly considering an overhaul of agricultural seed rules to begin allowing some GMO crop production, and the three corn varieties being considered for approval would have insect resistance traits, including resistance to fall armyworms.

If approval is given, it’s unclear if seed companies can ramp up production to make the traits available in time for the next growing season.

Although China National Chemical Corporation acquired Syngenta in 2017, there are no reports of Syngenta GMO varieties being considered for use in China at this time.

The seed developers include the China National Tree Seed Corporation, the China Agricultural University, Hangzhou Ruifeng Biotech Company, and the Dabeinong Biotechnology Company.