Southern Ohio farmer reflects on ’21


Southern Ohio farmer reflects on ’21

Southern Ohio farmer Greg Corcoran says 2021 was a banner year for his corn and soybeans.

“We had a really good year as far as yield,” he says. “We had a really good year cross both corn and soybeans.”  

But, he says it wasn’t without its challenges.

“We struggled on the soybean side this year with getting them dried down,” he says. “It held moisture all the way up until it started to get cold. We ran into several bean fields where we had to pull out because it was too wet. There were times where we were looking at 1 or 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon before dew would come off enough so that we could harvest. We focused on corn during those times and kept pushing through.”

Corcoran raises beef cattle, soybeans, corn, and popcorn in Ross, Pike, and Scioto counties.