Delta weather a complete shift from last winter


Delta weather a complete shift from last winter

Brownfield’s meteorologist says farmers in the delta and southeastern US should expect a much different winter weather pattern than last year.

Greg Soulje says last winter, those areas saw snow, ice and freezing temperatures very early in the season, but that does not look to be the case this winter.

“No sign for now, at least through February of any cold wave, snow or ice into the delta and deep southeast part of the country.”

He says some winter precipitation is in the forecast for January, which should be helpful for most of the delta region experiencing some form of drought.

“Even parts of the delta region and east are a little bit too dry right now and there is some drought breaking out in the southeast – even in that area there is propensity for at least a little normal rainfall pattern breaking in.”

Soulje says in the coming weeks temperatures could vary 100 degrees across the continental US, from below zero in the north to near 90’s in the south, which creates potential of brewing some severe weather in the southern states.

“Those winds strengthen up aloft and hence help to spin up weather systems in one form or another. So, yes I think there is still likelihood for severe weather poised in the southern states.”

But overall, Soulje expects a more typical winter weather cycle for the delta region heading into the new year.