Warmth builds on the S. Plains; seasonal across the Corn Belt


Warmth builds on the S. Plains; seasonal across the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, breezy weather accompanies seasonable temperatures. Any snow showers are confined to areas downwind of the Great Lakes. Wednesday’s high temperatures will range from near 20°F in the upper Great Lakes region to 50°F or higher in the southwestern Corn Belt.

On the Plains, warm, windy weather is developing in advance of Western storminess. An elevated wildfire threat exists for Wednesday across portions of the central and southern Plains, an area already hit hard by last week’s high winds, blowing dust, and flash fires. Wednesday’s high temperatures should reach 60°F or higher as far north as western Nebraska.

In the South, rain has ended (or is ending) along the southern Atlantic Coast, following a favorable but temporary boost in topsoil moisture. Cool, dry weather across the remainder of the South favors off-season fieldwork and farm maintenance.

In the West, precipitation has begun to spread ashore in several areas, including northern and central California and the Pacific Northwest, signaling the onset of a new stormy spell that should provide widespread regional drought relief. Prior to the arrival of this storminess, the water equivalency of the Sierra Nevada snowpack has already markedly improved this month, topping 7 inches (more than 90% of normal for the date) by the 21st.