National 4-H Center sold, CEO outlines 2022 plans


National 4-H Center sold, CEO outlines 2022 plans

The sale of the former National 4-H Conference Center near Washington D.C. has been finalized and the National 4-H Council is looking forward to new beginnings in 2022.

The center was purchased by Atlanta-based senior living developer Galerie Living. National 4-H Council CEO Jennifer Sirangelo tells Brownfield after paying off the loan, transaction and moving costs, proceeds from the sale are expected to be around $25 million which will be directed to a new endowment created by their Board of Trustees.

“This endowment will enable us at National 4-H Council to continue our support of cooperative extension’s 4-H program. Today what we do, and what we want to continue to be able to do now with this endowment is to convene the 4-H system, tell the 4-H story, and build public/private partnerships that really grow 4-H.”

She says national youth events next year will be held at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda, at which times the entire hotel will be booked to 4-H.

“The Bethesda Hyatt is right on a metro station, so it will really facilitate the exploration the young people will have around Washington getting to see the sites and the monuments as well as going down to Capitol Hill to meet with their representatives.”

Sirangelo says the council will remain based in the D.C. metro area and they are currently operating in a temporary office until a permanent space is secured which is expected by fall 2022.

Sirangelo says preserving history of the center has been a major focus. The council, alongside the National 4-H History Preservation Committee, donated 55 pieces of artwork and more than 80 boxes of books, photos and memorabilia to the USDA National Ag Library in Beltsville, Maryland who is working to create access to memorabilia through online viewing and local exhibition opportunities.

Interview with Jennifer Sirangelo