More rain from the southeastern Plains to the southern Corn Belt


More rain from the southeastern Plains to the southern Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, mostly tranquil weather prevails, although a few snow showers are occurring across the upper Midwest. In addition, rain showers are returning across southern Missouri. Cooler weather has arrived, but temperatures are not unusual for this time of year. Friday’s high temperatures should range from near 10°F in the Red River Valley of the North to 50°F or higher along the Ohio River.

On the Plains, lingering warmth is generally confined to Oklahoma and Texas, where Friday’s high temperatures will generally range from 60 to 80°F. In contrast, Friday’s highs will remain below 10°F across parts of the northern Plains, where some light snow is falling. Producers across the central Plains continue to assess impacts from Wednesday’s high winds, which resulted in widespread blowing dust and localized damage to farm infrastructure.

In the South, a warm weather pattern continues to promote late-season harvest efforts and growth of winter grains, cool-season pastures, and cover crops. Friday’s high temperatures will reach 80°F or higher in the western Gulf Coast region and across Florida’s peninsula. Showers and a few thunderstorms are developing across the mid-South, including some areas still recovering from recent deadly tornadoes.

In the West, cool, dry weather prevails, aside from lingering snow showers in the northern Rockies and northern Inter-mountain West. With a high-pressure system settling across the Great Basin, gusty winds are developing across parts of southern California.