Illinois dicamba rules unchanged for 2022 season


Illinois dicamba rules unchanged for 2022 season

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has released regulations for dicamba applications in 2022, which remain unchanged from last season.

In addition to federal label requirements, dicamba cannot be applied in Illinois if the air temperature at the field at the time of application is over 85 degrees or if the National Weather Service’s forecasted high for that location exceeds 85 degrees. Before using dicamba, applicators are required to consult the FieldWatch sensitive crop registry and comply with record keeping. In addition, dicamba applications cannot be made if the wind is blowing toward an adjacent nature preserve or residential are, and the use of dicamba is restricted in Illinois after June 20th.

IDOA filed emergency rules in February 2021 after the USEPA renewed dicamba registrations through 2025. Since the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act prohibits state agencies from adopting emergency rules more than once in any 24-month period, the Department is now required to proceed with the rules filed last year.

However, Illinois Director of Agriculture Jerry Costello says the number of off-target dicamba complaints have decreased the past two seasons under these rules, making them a good fit for the 2022 season.