Port backlog improving but still a large issue


Port backlog improving but still a large issue

The U.S. Transportation Secretary says port logistics are improving but more needs to be done.

Pete Buttigieg tells Brownfield ag exports and others have been slowed down because of port issues, like a backlog of empty containers and “long-dwelling” containers that have sat for extended periods of time.

“But with actions – including the threat of fines, to make sure that shippers are really being responsible here – we’ve seen in some of the ports 50-60 percent reductions in the rate of those containers sitting there, since we took some of these new actions in early November,” Buttigieg said.

But he said ports are still being underused, risking export demand loss for ag goods.

“So, I’m going to be working with Secretary Vilsack, who co-chairs the supply chain task force with me, and players around the country to find new ways to clear out some of the backlogs on that end,” he said.

Buttigieg said he is visiting the ‘leading export port’ in the country, located in Savanah, Georgia, tomorrow to hear what support is needed.

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