Illinois farmer taking advantage of warm December weather


Illinois farmer taking advantage of warm December weather

Unseasonably warm weather in the first half of December has created opportunities for a southern Illinois grain farmer.

Dave Kermicle farms near Olney where they’ve averaged a high of 57 degrees since December 1st with temperatures in the high 60’s some days.

“We’ve been able to do some fieldwork and some ditching and some things we normally don’t get a chance to get done this time of year, so it’s been good.”

He tells Brownfield warmer temperatures have also helped his later planted winter wheat catch up on growth ahead of winter dormancy.

“The last two thirds we got planted the last two weeks of October and it really needs to grow some so this warm weather is helping it out. Overall, the stands look better than you ever thought they would have been given all the rain and drowning out it received, but I think we have potential for another big crop.”

He says consistently heavy winds and some rain have accompanied the warm weather, but thankfully they have not sustained any damage in his area.

Interview with David Kermicle