Farmer says supply chain disruptions are ‘scary’


Farmer says supply chain disruptions are ‘scary’

A southwestern Indiana farmer says supply chain disruptions and rising ag input prices are concerning ahead of the 2022 season.

Mark Seib says there have been delays accessing parts.

“It’s getting scary making sure that we can keep the equipment rolling,” he says. “…right now, we’re not doing too much work in the factories, and we need to get that back going so that we can get our parts and supplies back going so we can put a crop out.”

He tells Brownfield his crop plans for the next season remain the same so far.

“We don’t see any change that we’re going to try to make at this time. If we run into the situation where we can’t get chemicals, it will depend on what chemicals we can get and what seed we can get.” he says. “…we do have some of the chemical here, we do have some of the fertilizer here, and we do have some of the seed here. But we don’t have all of it and until we have everything that’s an up in the air decision of what we’re going to end up having to do and it’s a little bit scary”

Brownfield interviewed Seib during the 2021 Indiana Farm Bureau State Convention.