NEFB: infrastructure bill has mostly good news for producers


NEFB: infrastructure bill has mostly good news for producers

The Nebraska Farm Bureau says the recently passed infrastructure bill provides much-needed upgrades to the transportation sector for producers.

But, Director of National Affairs Jordan Dux says some of the funds aren’t being used efficiently. “You look at the amount of money put towards electric vehicles, that’s not something we’re not a fan of so if you look at how we would write the piece of legislation we would’ve thrown more money at roads and bridges, more money at advancing the biofuel industry and those types of things.”

He tells Brownfield the money was long overdue. “If you look the need for infrastructure spending in this country, we’re so far behind on whether it’s our ports and locks and dams and roads and bridges and everything else.  I think there was too much in there that we had to support it it,” Dux says. “There’s a lot in there but we had to support it.”

Dux says the legislation is also good news for Nebraska farmers and ranchers. “You’ve got Nebraska potentially gaining $2 billion for infrastructure, a lot of it for roads and bridges a lot of it for broadband,” he says. “There’s a lot of good in that bill and that’s why we support it and why we appreciate the votes of Senator (Deb) Fischer and Congressman (Don) Bacon to do that.”

Brownfield interviewed Dux at the Nebraska Farm Bureau Convention.