MI Corn hopeful proposed RVOs move forward


MI Corn hopeful proposed RVOs move forward

EPA proposing Renewable Volume Obligations for the 2022 Renewable Fuel Standard might be a first.

Jim Zook with the Michigan Corn Growers Association tells Brownfield the EPA has traditionally set requirements retroactively.

“I don’t know that we’ve ever known ahead of a marketing year as to what those volume obligations are going to be,” he says.

He says if the proposed numbers are approved, it will give the ethanol market certainty in the year ahead.

“Hopefully this is a step going forward that we can work together, that we can meet those obligations, we know where we’re going,” he says.

Zook adds while there is still room for growth within the Renewable Fuel Standard, EPA also proposing to not approve small refinery exemptions is a big win for the industry.