Many factors up in the air ahead of 2023 Farm Bill


Many factors up in the air ahead of 2023 Farm Bill

A farm policy professor says there are more questions than answers right now when looking at factors that will contribute to the 2023 Farm Bill process.

Nick Paulson with the University of Illinois says the big one is the outcome of midterm elections.

“Which party will end up controlling one or both chambers of congress? Will the farm bill continue to be bi-partisan given the fact we are living in an increasingly politically polarized country?”

He says he is also watching for changes to the baseline.

“What is going to be the impact of Build Back Better if that eventually does get passed and signed into law? Some of those top-ups to conservation programs, for example, are those going to impact baseline? If there is a desire to shift funding out of some areas into others, what is that allocation shift going to look like?”

And he wonders if the record number of ad-hoc payments to farmers the past few years or the increased focus on conservation practices will have implications on farm bill programs like crop insurance.