Famer discusses ag input, supply chain concerns


Famer discusses ag input, supply chain concerns

A west central Indiana farmer says rising ag input prices are casting a dark cloud over 2022.

Tippecanoe County farmer Kevin Underwood says supply chain disruptions are even more complicated as the next generation returns to the farm.

 “Our youngest daughter is coming back and will be starting right back in our farming operation where we’ll be three generations operating side by side,” he says. “We’re seeing this huge escalation in input prices and wondering what’s that going to do to us as far as squeezing that bottom line and trying to make this all  profitable as we go forward.”

He says it’s concerning when planning for 2022, but “I had a meeting with our main input supplier just this past week and was reassured that they have most all of their needs are in house. Granted we’re going to be talking about prices that are quite a bit inflated compared to were in the last couple of years they were but at least I’m reassured that we’re going to have the supplies available to us to put the crop out.”

Underwood grows popcorn, corn, sweet corn, soybeans, and wheat.

Brownfield interviewed him during the 2021 Indiana Farm Bureau State Convention.