Pushing for a level playing field in the marketplace


Pushing for a level playing field in the marketplace

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association wants to ensure a level playing field for all protein products competing for consumer dollars.

“The term beef should only be applicable to products derived from livestock raised by farmers and ranchers.”  Danielle Beck with NCBA says the organization is urging the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service to clearly label protein products that contain lab-grown cells.

She tells Brownfield consumers want clarity in the marketplace.  “They want to make informed purchasing decisions,” she says.  “And whatever standard the USDA ultimately puts in place really has the ability to make or break that.  We’re really hoping the USDA does the right thing and they empower consumers there.”

Beck says it’s unacceptable for these new, novel proteins to ride on beef’s coattails.  “We have a brilliant, beautiful English language and every other language out there in which you can come up with your own terminology,” she says.  “Call it whatever you want as long as you’re not conflating your product with real beef.”

The USDA closed the extended comment period on December 2. 

AUDIO: Danielle Beck, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association