MO Farm Bureau 30×30 concerns remain


MO Farm Bureau 30×30 concerns remain

Missouri farmers are raising concerns over the Biden administration’s 30×30 plan with fears it will limit private property rights.

Missouri Farm Bureau Vice President Todd Hays tells Brownfield farmers are concerned about overreaching environmental policy.

“We feel like, as farmers, we’re always trying to do the right things on our farms; protect them and environmentally doing good things,” Hays said. “But we see more and more things coming down from the [Biden] administration that are maybe forcing us to do things that maybe aren’t proven things or maybe not affordable at this time.”

The independent hog producer says sustainability doesn’t just mean the environment.

“We really want to back up and really look at this and make sure we can do it in a way that’s sustainable for us to continue farming too,” he said. “That’s what I’m hearing from a lot of our members and that’s a concern that I have on our farm.”

Hays said the farm group isn’t opposed to smart environmental practices, but decisions need to be made on proven information with affordability in mind. Brownfield spoke with Hays at Missouri Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting earlier this week.

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