Food sector hit hardest by supply disruptions


Food sector hit hardest by supply disruptions

The state director for the Missouri Grocers Association says trucking and supply chain disruptions are problems without a simple solution, making the food sector unpredictable.

Dan Shaw said labor issues are lagging the just in-time supply chain model, hitting the food sector the hardest.

“We had a problem with green beans a couple weeks ago, not because we couldn’t get the green beans, the manufacturer didn’t have the glue to put the label on the aluminum can,” he said. “That was somewhere off the Port of Los Angeles in a ship, the glue. We were not able to sell green beans because of glue.”

And he said consumer unpredictability has amplified the issue.

“There is plenty of food out there but there is this panic buying, how do we do this,” Shaw said. “We just had food meetings and sales meetings in September to buy product for Easter.

Shaw points to the lack of trucks and truckers as the main reason for the supply disruptions saying some warehouses are offering $10,000 sign on bonuses to truckers with a CDL.

Shaw spoke at Missouri Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting.