Farmers looking at more creative weed management programs


Farmers looking at more creative weed management programs

An extension weed scientist says farmers may need to get creative with their weed control systems in 2022.

Mark Loux with Ohio State University says glyphosate is in short enough supply he has farmers starting to make management decisions with that in mind.  “Glyphosate has gone in any application anymore – like burndown and post-emergence,” he says.  “Now we’re in a situation where farmers have to decide, based on the soybean-trait system they have, is it more effective for me to use glyphosate in my post-treatment or my burndown.  Where do I really need it?  And, of course, that depends on if I did something that previous fall.”

He tells Brownfield product shortages could create a need for more later-season weed management efforts.  “You end up with a few more weeds surviving your overall program,” he says.  “So then it’s an opportunity to go out in August and see I have waterhemp that escaped my program, I need to take these out before they go to seed.  Which has been one of our main messages.”

AUDIO: Mark Loux, Ohio State University