Biden to talk infrastructure law in KC MO


Biden to talk infrastructure law in KC MO

President Biden is in Kansas City, Missouri Wednesday to talk about how the new infrastructure law will help people in all walks of life.

In an interview with Brownfield Ag News, Mitch Landrieu, Biden’s infrastructure coordinator, says the law will have huge impacts on rural America through upgrades of roads, bridges and locks and dams – and high speed internet access.

“This is an opportunity to connect rural America. It also is really important to agriculture for precision farming, as you know. It also is really important for rural America for telemedicine and lack of access to acute care facilities.”

Landrieu says some of the money has already been distributed and some will be rolled out later – with an emphasis on state and regional control.

“This is the big point, governors and mayors are going to be the ones that build this. And to the extent that cities and communities and counties and regions can think together and be on the same page about what their priority projects are, it’s going to get done faster.” Landrieu says rules and regulations will need to be written in some cases.

Biden will be at the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority headquarters.