Farm Bureau keys in on stopping legislation


Farm Bureau keys in on stopping legislation

The nation’s largest farm group says the year will end with a focus on what they don’t support. 

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall tells Brownfield the economy is still recovering from the pandemic and proposed tax increases in the Build Back Better Act will hurt small businesses throughout rural communities and eventually farmers.

“We just think it takes our country in the wrong direction. We also think it is an attack on all small businesses that we, as farmers, do business with.”

After years of lobbying efforts, Duvall says their organization was hoping they would never have to work on the Waters of the U.S. rule again.  Farm Bureau wants to make sure the rule is defined properly and includes the term “navigable waters.”

“That issue feels like ping pong; we get it where we can work with it and then all of a sudden they want to re-write it.”

And Duvall says while the organization fully supports COVID-19 vaccines, it’s against mandates.

Brownfield interviewed Duvall at the Illinois Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Brownfield’s Nicole Heslip interviews Zippy Duvall