MO developed soybean trait honored


MO developed soybean trait honored

Missouri Soybeans’ Soyleic trait has been named one of Seed World’s 10 Most Innovative Products of 2021.

The association said the high oleic trait was selected based on industry impact, market potential, return on grower investment and scalability.

MO Soy’s Bryan Stobaugh tells Brownfield innovations like Soyleic are needed to meet the growing global food demand.

“Soyleic has that ability,” Stobaugh said. “Not only because it is the high oleic portion, but also the animal portion because a big play as well at how a non-GM crush takes upon itself of extracting that oil, there’s still residue oil left in the meal.”

He said ongoing studies point to the added oil increasing nutrition benefits to livestock and the products they produce like milk.

Stobaugh said the non-GMO trait currently has a four to eight percent market share but…

“We have estimates that we’re going to be pushing past that four to eight percent to the likelihood of 10 percent or more in the coming two to three years,” he said.

Stobaugh said growers can find more information on Soyleic at its website.