Fall and winter prep work considerations for 2022 crop


Fall and winter prep work considerations for 2022 crop

With most midwestern corn and soybean farmers done with harvest, a Golden Harvest agronomist says now is the time to prepare your plans and your fields for 2022.

Nate Prater covers southern Illinois and southwestern Indiana. He tells Brownfield with chemical and fertilizer supply issues, locking in supplies should be top priority.

“The only issues that we are not having right now, and I am knocking on wood as I speak, is right now the seed industry is pretty good as a whole. As a grower, in the off-season I try to get all of my inputs locked in and then have a game plan going forward to start marketing grain for the 2022 season.”

He says an in-field item to consider is adjusting for adequate fertility applications.

“In the last two or three years we have taken off crops that were well above average in some cases. Sometimes we do not adjust the fertility for that, we just plan to fertilize for 175 bushel per acre corn when we just took off 250-bushel corn. There is a little bit more fertilizer needed for that.”

He recognizes that the boost in fertilizer prices might make that a difficult switch, but its worth doing some soil sampling to see if your rates are on track.