Proper fly control helps boost cattle productivity


Proper fly control helps boost cattle productivity

A pest management specialist says horned flies are the top economic threat to cattle in pastures.

Mark Upton with Central Life Sciences tells Brownfield when flies go uncontrolled it makes cattle decreases productivity. “That brute cow is not going to rebreed or raise a calf or produce milk if they have to reduce blood loss.  It’s important that we stop that and we’re gaining and seeing the results of our work through the gain of that calf.”

Upton says there are more effective forms of control than fly tags like fly growth regulators that can be added to cattle feed. “Those flies only go to the manure to lay their eggs.  And, so all we’re doing is feeding this product so that they can put it out in the manure so when the female fly lays their eggs in the manure we’re preventing it from becoming an adult fly.”

Brownfield interviewed Upton at the 2021 National Association of Farm Broadcasting Annual Meeting in Kansas City.