Farm-stress podcaster wins Michigan Farm Bureau’s discussion meet


Farm-stress podcaster wins Michigan Farm Bureau’s discussion meet

A young farmer from Mid-Michigan has been named Michigan Farm Bureau’s discussion meet winner.  Sarah Zastrow will represent Michigan in the American Farm Bureau discussion meet.

This year’s state-level event discussed farmer mental health, green energy, and meat processing. Zastrow says the largest limitations for Michigan’s meat processing industry include wastewater treatment and labor.

“There’s a policy that’s on the floor today that’s all about meatpackers and about how we can increase both the number of inspectors, about how we can create a state-level certification, and it also helps Michigan agriculture as a whole,” she says.

Zastrow owns a cash crop farm with her husband Zack and works as a farm-stress coach, speaker, and podcaster.

“Where I come in is kind of in the strategy and implementation of processes and procedures that help people streamline their farm to make it more simple and less stressful,” she explains.

Also serving as the Midland County president, Zastrow says the benefits young farmer activities bring are similar to her coaching strategies: building networks and finding ways to be social to reduce stress.