Leading swine health center monitoring ‘aggressive’ PRRS strain


Leading swine health center monitoring ‘aggressive’ PRRS strain

The Swine Health Information Center is monitoring for the reemergence of a Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus that spread through the upper-Midwest last fall.

SHIC director, Dr. Paul Sundberg, tells Brownfield unlike most strains, the PRRS 1-4-4 line 1C strain remained prominent during the warmer months of summer, making biosecurity efforts more important as the weather turns.

“The barns are being closed up, the air systems, the ventilation has to be monitored and controlled, temperatures are varying,” he said. “So that gives us a good opportunity for things like PRRS 1-4-4 1C to grab ahold of a herd.”

And Sundberg said this virus seems to remain on farms longer than other strains…

“It’s not only as virulent or more, but it persists,” he said. “It’s harder to get out, it’s harder to control, and then it could linger; and that gives persistent problems then.”

He said the most likely cause for the disease’s spread is transfer from a visitor’s shoes.

Sundberg said producers should work with their veterinarian to make a disease containment plan if their herd contracts the virus.

Brownfield interviewed Sundberg at the 2021 National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention.

Dr. Paul Sundberg Interview