Bednarski calls for supply chain, labor solutions


Bednarski calls for supply chain, labor solutions

Michigan Farm Bureau’s president says farmers want to help find solutions to supply chain disruptions. 

Carl Bednarski tells Brownfield there’s a need to streamline the supply chain not only for consumers but also for farmers.

“What can we do to be proactive to alleviate those supply problems?” he asks.  “Is there something we need to do in advance to make sure we have everything on the shelf or is there another way we need to look at trade?”

Bednarski says the pandemic helped identify areas of opportunity for agriculture for better direct marketing and product innovation.  But, he says it also increased division.

“We’ve seen so many changes, we’ve seen people’s demeanor change, but we have to remember that we have to continue and to keep moving forward, finding ways to unite together,” he says.

In his annual address to members, Bednarski also drew attention to the labor crisis and highlighted the benefits of carbon sequestration for farmers.