Biologicals could help ease farmers’ fertilizer expenses


Biologicals could help ease farmers’ fertilizer expenses

Adding biologicals to your crop management plan could help ease fertilizer expenses in 2022.

Melanie Burk with Meristem Crop Performance tells Brownfield with record high fertilizer prices, ag input dollars will be stretched thin.

“Most farmers are telling me that as far as fertility, they are going to spend the same amount of money they have spent in the past but just decide where that money goes. Meaning they are going to by less, but the same dollar value.”

She says biologicals cannot totally replace fertilizer, but they can provide some of the nutrients plants need at a lower cost. She uses their EXCAVATOR product as an example, “It can provide about 35 pounds of nitrogen, 5 to 10 of phosphorus and 35 to 40 of potassium. That’s the same as a  $40 or more start up fertilizer package and this product is only $10 to $12.”

She says there are biologicals that can be applied with fall burndown or in the planter box meaning no extra field passes or additional application costs.