Beck’s seed company expands to Nebraska


Beck’s seed company expands to Nebraska

The largest family-owned retail seed company in the United States is expanding into Nebraska.

Sonny Beck, CEO of Indiana-based Beck’s seed company, tells Brownfield they’ve been researching and testing hybrids in the state for several years. “We know that we have to find things that are head cap resistant and some other things that are unique as we move further west – drought tolerance so forth,” Beck says. “We have the product that’s a key and first off you have to have the right product.”

Beck says the company will run choice trials so farmers can understand how their products stack up against other seed retailers. “Choice trials allow farmers to come in and look at all of the products we are currently we are selling, all the products from competitive sources that are selling in Nebraska as well as our next year products and the following year products.”

Beck says seed will be available to Nebraska farmers for the 2022 growing season.

Sonny Beck, CDO of Beck’s: