Farm Bureau economist on holiday supply chain issues


Farm Bureau economist on holiday supply chain issues

American Farm Bureau’s chief economist says clogged supply chains could make the holidays more challenging.

Roger Cryan says the pandemic led to consumers clogging supply lanes with purchases of goods instead of services.

“The ports are full of things that farmers and other manufacturers in the U.S. need. They’re also full of a lot of stuff people are buying for the holidays or anticipated to be bought for the holidays.”

Cryan tells Brownfield Ag News consumers can help ease some supply chain issues by shopping closer to home.

“You go down to the local farm stand or farmer’s market, get a nice cheese basket or some local wine or a food basket. Get some gift certificates for the restaurant on Main Street. All those things can really help us appreciate the wonderful things that are close by.”

He says the backed up supply chain is not only making it more expensive and difficult to get machine parts, fertilizer, and, computer chips for tractors it’s also causing some export problems for farmers.

Brownfield interviewed Cryan during the 2021 NAFB Convention Trade Talk.