EPA Region 7 leader says Regan committed to the law on RFS


EPA Region 7 leader says Regan committed to the law on RFS

The Acting Administrator for EPA Region 7 says the EPA is focused on keeping farmers at the table in renewable fuels decisions.

Farmers and ethanol groups are concerned that the EPA has proposed an extended deadline for oil refineries to comply with blending obligations. Edward Chu explains that decision.

“It’s primarily due to the continued delay in the promulgation of the 2021 RFS standard and the uncertainty around EPA’s small refinery exemption policy.”

Chu says Administrator Regan is committed to fair Renewable Volume Obligations under the RFS but farmers and ethanol groups say the EPA is taking too long to get those out.

“We’re going to talk about differences and all of us, hopefully, come up with a durable set of solutions. And following the law. That’s another key principle that he’s committed to.”

Chu says Regan wants policies that work from administration to administration. The EPA is inviting stakeholders to a December third webinar about the proposed deadline extension on blending obligations.

Brownfield interviewed Chu at the 2021 NAFB Convention Trade Talk.

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