Holiday demand keeps butter sales strong


Holiday demand keeps butter sales strong

A dairy checkoff group says holiday demand for butter is strong this year.  Suzanne Fanning with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin tells Brownfield sales have not fallen since the start of the pandemic. “Still, they’re definitely up from 2019. We’re seeing like slightly lower than in 2020, just right at the boom of the pandemic, but overall, they’re still definitely up.”

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin says Americans are expected to purchase 161 million pounds of butter from the second week in November through Christmas. “I love to bake, but that’s enough to bake eleven billion cookies.”

Fanning says even with restaurants and foodservice regaining what was lost during COVID shutdowns, people are still cooking and baking at home.

She says since the start of the pandemic, their website has seen a jump of more than 400% in searches for dairy recipes.