Farmer discusses plans for the 2022 season


Farmer discusses plans for the 2022 season

North Central Nebraska farmer Greg Anderson says he’s making plans for ’22 after wrapping up harvest in October.

“I had a decent crop so I’m thankful for that and now as we look to next year and farmers around me and across the country are looking at much higher input costs especially with fertilizer and nitrogen,” he says.

Anderson tells Brownfield farmers have some tough decisions to make.

“The price of anhydrous, for example, has skyrocketed and some people are still putting it on, and some people are waiting until spring and hoping the price will come down,” he says. “Sometimes those planting decisions are not made right now so I think people are still taking a pencil to it and seeing what is going to be best for their operation as far as planting intentions.”

But, he says he’s hopeful.

“American farmers are really resilient and creative and we’re going to do the most efficient work we can in the most cost effective way and we hope that the commodity price stays up to help make a profit for everybody,” he says.

Anderson says late-season rains helped turn out a decent soybean crop this year.