National Biodiesel Board to become Clean Fuels Alliance America


National Biodiesel Board to become Clean Fuels Alliance America

The National Biodiesel Board will soon change its name to Clean Fuels Alliance America.

Greg Anderson is a Nebraska farmer and NBB governing board member.

“We thought that the idea of clean and fuels best represents us. Biodiesel has always been clean and a leader in reducing emissions and particulate matter and renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuels do the same,” he says. “…then you think about the word alliance, and it shows grit and strength and energy and a coming together of a partnership and America is domestically right here in the United States. We’re looking forward to that name change and we think it really represents us well.”  

Audio: Greg Anderson

Former Executive Director Kenlon Johannes says the name change is more inclusive of the changing industry.

“We now have renewable diesel in addition to biodiesel,” he says. “We have other feedstocks coming in and we have other processes coming in. We want to make it more inclusive and that’s why this is happening.”

Audio: Kenlon Johannes

NBB, the U.S. trade association representing the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry, will roll out the new name and a larger rebranding effort at its annual conference in January.

Brownfield interviewed Anderson and Johannes during the 2021 Trade Talk at the NAFB Convention in Kansas City.