Consumer demand for sustainable meat isn’t about price


Consumer demand for sustainable meat isn’t about price

The National Pork Board says consumers won’t pay more for sustainable meat.  

Brett Kaysen is the Senior Vice President of Sustainability. “They may say they will, but the data suggests, and the research says they won’t,” Kaysen says. “The farmer will say why will we do it? Well, they have other protein choices.”

He says consumer demand isn’t just focused on price. “Trying to decouple that it’s not always going to be they will pay you more for the product in the retail case, they’re going to choose you as a responsible protein of choice and have trust and confidence in U.S. pork.”

And, Kaysen says “We think from a from a consumer’s perspective it’s about health and wellness, nutrient dense protein, it’s about protecting the planet and it’s about how are the people treated up and down the pork supply chain as well.”

Kaysen made his comments at the 2021 National Association of Farm Broadcasters Convention in Kansas City.