Skor urges immediate action on RVOs


Skor urges immediate action on RVOs

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor urged action by the EPA on the Renewable Fuels Standard, at a House Ag subcommittee hearing today on the renewable economy in rural America.

“The annual blending requirements are woefully delayed. And, in recent weeks, unsettling media reports indicate EPA may turn its back on greater biofuel blending.”

Skor testified it’s critical for ethanol producers and suppliers that EPA immediately propose 15-Billion gallons of conventional biofuels for 2021 & ’22.

She says the Biden administration cannot meet its climate goals by rolling back blending requirements.

“Renewable fuels like ethanol remain the single most affordable and abundant source of low-carbon motor fuel on the planet and are critical to meeting carbon reduction goals today.

Recent research shows there is NO path to net-zero emissions without biofuels.”

Skor asked members of the Commodity Exchanges, Energy and Credit subcommittee to help deliver the message to the administration.