MO chosen for new beef processing plant


MO chosen for new beef processing plant

Missouri has been chosen for a state-of-the-art beef processing facility that is expected to have a $1 Billion dollar economic impact in the state.  

The American Foods Group (AFG) plant will be in eastern Missouri’s Warren County, after final approval is given.

Mike Deering, executive vice president of Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, tells Brownfield it means opportunity for the state’s cattle producers.

“That’s what we’ve been begging for in this industry. We’ve gone through some tough times. Missouri cattle producers are not different than any other producer throughout the country. So, opportunity. And, opportunity equals optimism.”

Deering says the AFG plant will help not only Missouri cattle producers but those in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas and the industry as a whole.

“The AFG group toured Kentucky, Tennessee and several other states looking for that perfect place. And thankfully for us they chose Missouri.”

Deering says his only concern is getting the labor needed to fill the 13-hundred jobs the beef processing plant will have but hopefully the labor shortage won’t be as big of a problem when it opens in a few years. The company is planning on a 1,200 head-per-day processing facility.