Best overall crop year in spite of drought


Best overall crop year in spite of drought

A farmer in east-central South Dakota says he had a surprisingly good crop year. Doug Noem is past president of South Dakota Corn Growers.

“Not record crops for each crop but, overall, at the farm we probably had one of the best years we’ve ever had with crop yields and prices. Now you don’t have to go very far away and not everybody can say that.”

Noem says they had drought conditions but caught some key spotty rains to help his corn and beans through.

But now, for some growers, it’s too wet right, “People are struggling with wet weather, if you can believe that. I just made a trip around the country side a little bit and there’s spotty corn fields. I don’t know if there’s 15% of the corn left but what is left is going to be a struggle.”

Noem says they’ll probably be dealing with too much moisture during spring planting.