USGC developing corn sustainability certificate for foreign buyers


USGC developing corn sustainability certificate for foreign buyers

An Illinois corn farmer on the US Grains Council Board of Directors says other countries’ interest in sustainably raised crops has prompted USGC to create a sustainability certificate for US corn exports.

Mark Wilson tells Brownfield as top feed buyers in countries like Thailand and China search for the most sustainable options, they want US corn to stick out.

“So for anyone that buys corn from the US, we can give them a certificate and they can take that to the people buying their product and say every commodity used in our feed is produced sustainably.”

He says sustainability is different for everyone and USGC wants to be the first to give it a global definition.

“If someone else defines it first then we have to match what they’re doing, and it may not be what we consider sustainable.”

Wilson says websites for the top global feed buyers all tout sustainability on the front page and this certificate would give US corn a competitive advantage.

“Price is always king, but if things are equal, what are they going to look for? If we can provide this and they can provide it for their customers, I think that’s a big deal.”

The certificate will align with USGC’s existing commitment to sustainability outlined on their website.