SD Corn hopeful for strong ethanol RVOs


SD Corn hopeful for strong ethanol RVOs

The president of the South Dakota Corn Growers Association says their members want to see access to the marketplace through the RFS and year-round E15.

Scott Stahl, a corn grower in southeastern South Dakota, says he hopes the EPA comes through, “It seems like we’re having to play defense even on the E15 front. What we want to be able to see is certainty and without certainty in the marketplace for ethanol it can create problems in regard to demand.

He says ethanol has told its success story time and time again.

“We continue to try and play offense where we can to help increase ethanol usage that increases corn grind and strengthens the basis level for the local demand for corn. Yeah, we’re continuing to work forward on that front.”

Stahl tells Brownfield he’s hopeful the Biden EPA will strengthen the Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO) for ethanol.

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