Minnesota farmer pleasantly surprised with yields


Minnesota farmer pleasantly surprised with yields

A west-central Minnesota farmer says yields are surpassing expectations.

Gary Wertish runs a diversified grain and livestock farm in Renville County.

“Coming through a drought year, we were pleasantly surprised on the yields we got. A little bit off average, but it’s not too many years ago that would’ve been considered a good yield.”

He tells Brownfield soil type and plant variety made a big difference this year.

“Especially in the lighter soils, (those) were hit really hard. There’s no doubt about that. And then the heavier soils came through it a little bit better. But a lot of that goes back to the genetics on the crops (which have) improved so they’re able to withstand the conditions. And we caught a shower at the right time.”

Wertish, who serves as president of the Minnesota Farmers Union, says there’s a lot of variability across the state.