Agronomist says ’21 performance should lead ’22 decisions


Agronomist says ’21 performance should lead ’22 decisions

A DEKALB agronomist says this year’s crop performance should carefully inform next year’s planting decisions. Brian Green covers eastern Kansas and northwest Missouri.

“One thing I’ve noticed is, you could have the same soybean in three different fields three miles apart and get three different results from it, if you know it’s all the same soil type and similar performance.”

He says growers need to look carefully at a nutrient management plan for next year. “If you got a higher yield than what you fertilized for then we need to make sure that, in your fertility plan for 2022, that you’re adding in extra nutrients just so we’re not trying to mine our soils down.”

And he says farmers should consider whether they got lower than expected yields of what they tried to fertilize for, “With the way fertilizer prices are today there could be some savings.”

Green says it all starts with adequate soil sampling to know exactly what’s in the field.