Seed Genetics Direct is providing farmers options


Seed Genetics Direct is providing farmers options

Photo provided by Seed Genetics Direct

A father and son duo started Seed Genetics Direct, an independent, family-owned seed company in 2017 to give farmers options.

Chris Jeffries is president of the Ohio-based company.  

“We decided to put together a pricing structure where we sell directly to the customer,” he says. “Our customers buy what most companies would consider dealer cost.”  

His son, Todd Jefferies, vice president of the company, says competition and choices are critical in the industry.

“A couple of years ago, a few mega mergers happened within the seed market. When that happened there were some companies that were around for a long time that were discontinued and we see that trend continuing,” he says. “As you take away choices on a marketplace you have monopolization and ultimately rising prices.”  

That’s why, he says, they wanted to provide fair and transparent prices

“A farm is a business, and they need to know all their inputs costs,” he says.

Chris says all traits and genetics are vetted and tested in the sales foot-print.

“We have 20 different research locations, 40 corn test sites, 46 soybean test sites, and more than 40,000 yield plots,” he says. “We’re heavily invested in research. A lot of people want to pigeonhole a small mom-and-pop company, but we’re committed to testing and I think it’s important that we know what we sell.”

Seed Genetics Direct, the Eastern Corn Belt’s fastest growing, independent seed company provides corn, soybean, wheat, and alfalfa seed genetics; traits and treatments; and herbicides.

The company has customers in 440 communities in 15 states including Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan.

The Early Order Discount ends tomorrow, November 10. Farmers can save $10 per unit on corn, an additional $2 per unit on probox corn, and $1 per unit on soybeans.

For more information visit or call 740-505-0073 or 812-212-0200.

Audio: Chris and Todd Jeffries