CHS prepared for supply chain limitations


CHS prepared for supply chain limitations

The CEO of the nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperative says the company is well positioned to deal with supply chain limitations.

Jay Debertin with CHS tells Brownfield their size and scale is an advantage going into next year.

“The crop protection products, particularly in the raw materials to make those products, are being impacted by the supply chain. But I would say that we’re as far ahead of that game as we can be.”

He says CHS has orders on the books, dependable suppliers, and a global reach.

“So I think CHS is really in a great position to do everything that can be done for farmers who depend on us for both the fertilizer supply as well as some crop protection products.”

Debertin says CHS reliably sources fertilizer from more than 20 countries around the world.

The cooperative also supplies branded specialty products including a nitrogen stabilizer and a liquid starter.