Seven of ten South Dakota corn acres are in the bin


Seven of ten South Dakota corn acres are in the bin

Most of South Dakota’s soybeans are harvested, which is ahead of when they’d normally be finished. About seven of ten corn acres have been harvested. Ardon Wek of Freeman, South Dakota has almost all of his soybeans in the bin and he has about a third of his corn standing.

“I guess we’re pleased with the yields we’re seeing,” Wek told Brownfield Ag News, “40 and 50-bushel soybeans and 140 to 170-bushel corn.”

The USDA’s Ag Statistics Service says South Dakota’s Corn harvest is 71 percent complete, behind last year, but ahead of the 52 percent five-year average. The soybean harvest is 95 percent finished, about the same as last year and slightly ahead of normal.

Aside from drought, Wek had one other weather challenge this past season.

“Well, the wind certainly did a number on the corn, however some of its standing very well,” he said, “and then there’s areas that blew down pretty bad.”

South Dakota’s winter wheat is only 32 percent good to excellent. Thirty-one percent of it is poor to very poor.

AUDIO: Ardon Wek