RFA has praise and concern for the latest Build Back Better framework


RFA has praise and concern for the latest Build Back Better framework

A biofuels group sees some good and some room for improvement in the most recent Build Back Better framework announced Thursday.

Geoff Cooper with the Renewable Fuels Association calls the package a “mixed bag” for ethanol. He tells Brownfield they’re pleased to see 960 million dollars in infrastructure funding for biofuels is in the package but, “We do have some questions and concerns about some of the tax credits that are in the package for low-carbon fuel technologies, the sustainable aviation fuel credits in particular.”Cooper says RFA is concerned about the language regarding how the carbon emissions of different sustainable aviation fuel pathways are assessed and measured.

Cooper says he is excited about the carbon performance tax credit included in the framework. “We’re pleased to see that in there but we’re a little concerned that it doesn’t really take effect until 2027 and we’d like to see some of those benefits kick in much sooner than that to stimulate the sort of investments in low-carbon technologies that they’re trying to do.”

Cooper says although there are some good things for ethanol in the package, but by comparison, he says there are far more benefits and tax incentives for electric vehicles than biofuels in the plan.  Cooper says that’s disappointing because it should focus on what can deliver the greatest carbon reductions in the shortest amount of time at the lowest cost.