Green stem syndrome common as farmers harvest soybeans


Green stem syndrome common as farmers harvest soybeans

Green stem syndrome has been a common phenomenon for farmers harvesting soybeans.

Seth Naeve is an extension soybean agronomist with the University of Minnesota.

“Tons of that all over, and what’s really interesting is that we saw not only those really kind of troublesome, field-wide green stems, but actually saw it in some really exaggerated cases where we had seed quality issues because the seeds rotted in the pod later in the year.”

He’s seen photos of fully mature soybeans that were shooting leaves out of the bottom nodes, which would also compromise seed quality.

“I think this green stem syndrome just pushed the continuum so far one direction that we saw not only a lot of regular old green stem syndrome, but we saw some really significant damaging issues from it.”

Naeve tells Brownfield a combination of environmental stressors and seed variety seemed to affect some soybeans worse than others.